Archery Scorekeeping Info - Table of Contents:

Greetings from Mistress Ygraine of Kellswood!

I have the honor of serving the Royalty, the Captain General of Archers and the people of the East Kingdom by recording the archery scores used in our ranking structure. Our archers are recognized for their advancement in skill by averaging their best three current scores on a standardized shoot called the Royal Round. The rules for this shoot, as well as definitions of the ranks and their badges, the roles and responsibilities of our archery officers, and other information useful to archers and marshalls can be found in the Policies of the Captain General of Archers of the East Kingdom. (See link at left.)

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target dot imageGeneral Information

This is not the official wording, rather a brief description of the administration of our ranking system. Royal Round scores may be shot at any published archery practice or event. They must be run by warranted East Kingdom archery marshalls according to the rules for running East Kingdom Royal Rounds. Scores should be submitted to this office within a month of being shot. Archers may shoot as many Royal Rounds as they want on a given day, but they may only have one score recorded. To be accepted, each score must contain the following:

If I receive scores from a "marshall" who is not on my roster, I check to see if there are any marshalls among the archers listed. If there are, I record the scores under that marshall's name until I can resolve the problem; if not, I hold the scores. I check with the Captain General to make sure that my roster is up-to-date. If the original marshall IS warranted, I correct my roster and the scores. If the original marshall is NOT warranted, I send them a note requesting that they resolve the issue with their Regional Lieutenant.

Scores expire one year from the date on which they were shot and are purged from the records. An archer's scores within the past year are sorted in descending order, and the top three comprise their current average. Archers with less than three current scores do not have an average and, therefore, do not appear on the ranking list. The ranking lists are published monthly, usually around the 25th of each month, and sent to the Royalty, the Kingdom archery officers, and the Pikestaff. The ranking list is also posted on my web page. I am happy to mail a printed list to anyone who provides a self-addressed, stamped #10 envelope.

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target dot imageAdvice to Marshalls

SUBMIT TO ME! Seriously, make sure each score is complete and legible, send it in promptly, and make sure you have a copy for your records. The archers you serve are counting on you. If you have agreed to run a range at which Royal Rounds are shot, part of your job is to make sure the scores are sent to this office in a timely fashion. Also, please bring name or group corrections to my attention.

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target dot imageAdvice to Archers

Please keep your own record of the scores you shoot, including as much of the required information as possible. Be especially careful to get the name of the marshall who is to send in each score. Verify the average shown for you on the ranking lists I publish, and contact me if you believe an error has been made. I will do my best to correct errors and track down missing scores, and the more information you can provide, the more likely it will be that I can fix the problem.

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target dot imageAdvice to Local Archery Officers

If you know of an archer who has advanced in ranking, you should arrange to have the archer recognized for this achievement. Archers, Marksmen and Bowmen should receive the appropriate badge and be recognized for their achievement; this should be as special as can be arranged, such as at a Court of the local group's nobility. Blank leather badges are available, which can be painted up with the appropriate colors. The Crown reserves the right to recognize new Master Bowmen and Grand Master Bowmen. If someone in your group attains one of these ranks, contact the Captain General of Archers to arrange for the presentation in Royal Court. The Captain General will need to verify the scores with this office, and will want to know what Royal Progress events the archer would be able to attend. The achievement of Grand Master Bowman is commemorated with a scroll, so the Captain General also needs to contact the Tyger Clerk of the Signet to arrange for a scribe to do this work.

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target dot imageFrequently Asked Questions

Q - I have shot Royal Rounds but I'm not on the list. Why not?

A - Have you shot at least three Royal Rounds on different dates within the past year? Have you changed your SCA or modern name? Has "creative spelling" taken place? Perhaps a score has been lost in the mail or was never sent by the marshall; lets figure out which one is missing and track it down.

Q - Can I put my household name for the SCA group?

A - Yes. Although the SCA group is usually a geographic SCA chapter, some people prefer to put other affiliations, and this has been allowed for many years. Just please make sure this office has a record of what geographic group you belong to in case administrative stuff needs to be dealt with.

Q - I never got my xxx badge. Why not?

A - Get in touch with your local archery officer; they are supposed to arrange for your presentation. If this doesn't work, get in touch with your Regional Lieutenant, an at-large Lieutenant, or (last resort) the Captain General of Archers.

Q - Can I get a copy of the Rankings List?

A - Sure, just send me a SASE. Send me a stack of SASE's, if you want, and I'll send you the list every month until the envelopes run out. If you can read this page, however, you probably don't need hard-copy!

Q - Is there a special form for submitting scores?

A - No, but each score needs to be legible and complete as described above. I have a score form that works well on the field or for submissions and which can be copied freely. You can download the form in pdf format here: RRForm.pdf   If you need hard-copy, just send me a SASE.

Q - Will you take scores by e-mail?

A - Yes!  As of 2/25/00, I accept scores via e-mail.  For instructions, please go to Submitting Scores by E-Mail

Q - I don't live in the East. Can I shoot Royal Rounds and earn East Kingdom rankings?

A - Yes, there is precedent for this, since our goal is to promote archery. As long as the Royal Rounds were run according to Eastern rules, and the score is complete and submitted by a marshall who is on the East Kingdom roster, it will be accepted.

Q - I don't live in the East. Can I become an East Kingdom Archery Marshall?

A - No. We don't want to get into warranting marshalls who live outside our Kingdom. However, we do recognize the status of marshalls warranted by their own Kingdom of residence and will work cooperatively with them on the range, as at Pennsic.

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target dot image Ranking Badges

East Kingdom Archer's Badge image. East Kingdom Marksman's Badge image. East Kingdom Bowman's Badge image. East Kingdom Master Bowman's Badge image. East Kingdom Grand Master Bowman's Badge image.
Archers (current average under 40 points) may bear four fretted black arrows on a field of silver, within a bordure of black. Marksmen (current average 40 to 59.67 points) may bear four fretted black arrows on a field of silver, within a bordure of blue. Bowmen (current average 60 to 79.67 points) may bear four fretted silver arrows on a field of red, within a bordure of silver. Master Bowmen (current average 80 to 99.67 points) may bear four fretted black arrows on a field of gold, within a bordure of red. Grand Master Bowmen (average has ever been 100 points or more) may bear four fretted black arrows on a field of gold, within a black annulet (a thin line which is inset from the edge of the badge).

Badge blanks are available!

badge blanks image

Badge blanks are available!

I have a supply of ranking badge blanks. These are not "required", just offered as a convenience -- you can make badges however you want. These badges are made on 1.75" rounds of vegetable-tanned leather. Please note that there are differences in the leather color and surface, as well as in the impression, but they are all "presentable"! The charge has been embossed into the surface, and they are unpainted. They are available with 2 holes punched (left in photo; for threading a hanging cord) or un-punched (right in photo; so you can glue or sew them onto other surfaces). These badges are available through me for $1 each, plus postage if we can't arrange hand-delivery. (Estimated US postage is one letter stamp for each two badges.)

To obtain some, please send me a request at the e-mail address below, and we can work out the delivery and payment details. I can accept money orders, personal checks or PayPal payments in US dollars. For cash payments on this project, Canadian dollars are equivalent to US dollars!

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target dot image Submitting Scores by E-Mail

You may certainly type score submissions into the body of an e-mail message, but if you’re going to that much bother please send them as an attachment instead. Either Microsoft Excel (version 2000 or older, including MS Works spreadsheet) or tab-delimited text will work, with the fields of information in the sequence and sizes shown below. Column headings are not required, but are helpful to ensure the information is in the right order. The scorekeeping is performed using Microsoft Access, and scores prepared according to these specs can be imported directly into the database.

The spreadsheet template (see link above) has been set up as a one-sheet Excel workbook (to keep it small and so I don't have to make sure multiple pages are empty) and formatted to print on one page. Both these features are time-savers for me, so if you build your own spreadsheet, I'd be grateful if you did the same.

Feel free to combine scores from different days into one file, just make sure your submissions only have one score per date per archer. If your file contains several scores for the same date for any archer, I cannot automatically update my database because of "duplicate record" errors.

Also, make sure all score submissions are complete and each entry is valid. Do not leave any required entries blank, don't put question marks for missing entries, don't include accent marks or ligatures, and don't include honors or titles in the archers' names. Each of these problems will cause an error when I attempt to automagically update the submissions into the database.

Please put requests for name or group changes or other corrections into your e-mail message or in the comments column of the attachment. It is helpful if you alert me to NEW archers as well.

Scores submitted as an Excel file:

Column: A B C D E
Archer's SCA Name Archer's Modern Last Name Archer's Modern First Name Archer's SCA Group Date Shot
Hagar the Horrible Beach Sanford Malagentia 05/20/1999
Bemis ap Scotti Dressed Natalie Lion's End 06/06/1999
Justin Testing Onassis Xavier Seashire 05/23/1999
40 characters 20 characters 20 characters 30 characters mm/dd/yyyy

Bow Score at 20 Score at 20 Timed Score at 30 Score at 40 Total
R 13 9 5 12 39
L 0 0 2 0 2
C 12 8 4 0 24
* not > 30   not > 30 not > 30  

* Valid bow type codes: R = Recurve, L = Longbow, C = Crossbow

Marshall's SCA Name Location or Event Misc_Comments
Coenric of Scarborough Marsh Stonemarche practice achieved marksman!
Dietrich von Karo Northpass practice new person
Rebecca Gwlad yr Haf Ynys y Gwaed correct spelling of name please
40 characters 50 characters 50 characters

Scores submitted as a tab-delimited text file must present the information in the same order as the Excel columns above.