Roster of Archery Marshals


Reminder: To retain their warrants, Archery Marshals must report semi-annually
(by April 1 and October 1).

Spring 2024: We are again using a Google Form to gather marshal report data. This is almost the same tool as we used the last couple of years, but:
1) A "receipt" of your report is now sent automatically by e-mail. You don't have to remember to ask for the receipt. Please keep the receipt email so you have a record of your report.
2) You can still go back in and modify your responses.
3) You still must be signed in to gmail using your credentials to access the form. So, if you don't already have an EK account set up, please do so now. Instructions can be found on the "EK Accounts" page of the Webminister site: EK Accounts FAQ

Please note that the reporting receipt e-mails are sent to your EK Account address, NOT to the e-mail address gathered in the form (if different).

Here is a link to the current reporting form: Online Archery Marshal Reporting

If you are not able to access the online form, please let the scorekeeper know. You will receive a list of the reporting information needed, and can respond via email.

Warranted marshals must join the East Kingdom Target Archery Marshals discussion list .
To subscribe, send a blank email to

Warranted Archery Marshals

97 as of February 25, 2024

This is the Scorekeeper's list of all warranted Archery Marshals, authorized to run archery at events and practices, and to submit royal round scores. If you note any errors in this list, please bring them to the attention of the applicable Regional Commander and the Captain General of Archers (and the Scorekeeper).

SCA Name Officer Region SCA Group
Aaron the Arrowsmith Regional Commander Southern Carillion
Admiranda Gower Tir Mara - East Ruantallan (Seashire)
Admiranda Howard Northern Endewearde
Alan of Wytleseie Regional Commander Northern Endewearde
Alanna of Skye Central Quintavia
Alberic Maqi Droata Lieutenant at Large Central Bergental
Aleksei Dmitriev Lieutenant at Large Central Bergental
Alexis of Wood's End Southern Barren Sands
Aloysius Sartore Northern Malagentia (Ravensbridge)
Angus MacKintosh Tir Mara - East Ruantallan (Seashire)
Ariana of the North Northern Northern Outpost
Arlyana van Wyck Central Carolingia (Towers)
Arnbjorg Helga Nialsdottir Southern Ostgardr (Lions End)
Aurddeilen-ap-Robet Southern Buckland Cross
Avelina Keyes Central Bridge
Avelina Perceval Central Carolingia
Broccin MacIvyr Central Midland Vale
Camma an Daraich Central BBM
Camran MacAuley Northern Stonemarche
Casimir Sarkastyczny Regional Commander Central Dragonship Haven
Cathain Reiter Central Carolingia
Charis Accipiter Southern Settmour Swamp
Christophe Lejeune Central Bergental
Ciaran Ua Meic Thire Southern Settmour Swamp
Clovis ap Llewellyn Cathmor Southern Owlsherst
Conall an Doire Northern Malagentia (Ravensbridge)
Cynon mac an Choile Southern Bhakail
Dorian of Lewes Central BBM
Eanraig the Bonesetter Southern An Dubhaigeainn
Eleanor Grey Northern Mountain Freehold
Elizabeth Hawkwood Deputy to Reg.Cmdr. Southern Carillion
Ellen Hughes Southern Bermudez
Ellyn Grene Southern Bhakail
Emma Makilmone Central Bergental
Eoin an Doire Lieutenant at Large Northern Endewearde
Eol ua Tadhg Northern Panther Vale
Florian of the Glen Central Carolingia
Friderich Grimme Southern Ostgardr
Genevieve of Carolingia Northern Stonemarche
Godric of Hamtun Lieutenant at Large Northern Endewearde
Gryffyn Dunham Central Bergental
Guthfrith Yrlingson Tir Mara - East Ruantallan (Seashire)
Harvey Wynegode Central Anglespur
Hrefna Sigurdardottir Southern Settmour Swamp
Hrotger the Goth Northern Glenn Linn
Isabella Altoviti Northern Endewearde
Isidora de la Tor Lieutenant at Large Central Bergental
Ivan Sergeevich Scherbatskoy Northern Panther Vale
Jean Xavier Boullier Southern An Dubhaigeainn
John fitz Thomas Central Concordia of the Snows
Joseph of the Red Griffin Central Dragonship Haven
Julian Ridley Northern Stonemarche
Julien Ceanneidigh Tir Mara - West l'Ile du Dragon Dormant
Kai MacLain Central Bergental
Kay Leigh Mac Whyte Central BBM (House Grog)
Kieran Bren of Bannockburn Central BBM (Dragon's Aerie)
Kirsa Oyutai Tir Mara - East Lyndhaven
Kobayashi Yutaka Central Carolingia
Kusunoki Yoshimoto Captain-General Central Dragonship Haven
Li Kung Lo Lieutenant at Large Central Carolingia (Aschehyrst)
Lorita deSiena Central Anglespur
Macsen Felinfoel Northern Glenn Linn
Madok Arwe Northern Stonemarche
Magnus Surtsson Northern Malagentia (Ravensbridge)
Maria Donald of Windmasters Hill Southern Owlsherst
Mikjall Bogmadr Central Quintavia
Naomi bat Avraham Southern Hartshorn-dale
Nest verch Tangwistel Lieutenant at Large Central Smoking Rocks
Niniae of Witches Oak Tir Mara - East Ruantallan
Njall Godreksson Northern Endewearde
Nuno Cabral Do Mar Central Bridge
Omelan the Left Central Dragonship Haven
Osmond de Berwic Northern Stonemarche
Pagan Graeme Central Bergental
Peter the Red Central Carolingia (Towers)
Ragnall Cennetig Southern Blak Rose
Ragnar MacHardy (Temur) Northern Stonemarche
Ronan Fitz Robert Southern An Dubhaigeainn
Rumhann MacDuibhsithe Central Quintavia
Ryan Mac Whyte Deputy Captain-General Central BBM (House Grog)
Sarra Graeham of Birnham Lieutenant at Large Tir Mara - East Ruantallan (Seashire)
Seamus na Coille Aosda Northern Endewearde
Silvanus Woodwose Southern Settmour Swamp
Sojourner van Haarlem Central Quintavia
Suuder Saran Southern Ostgardr (House Silver Horde)
Sven Kaldvind Tir Mara - West Havre des Glaces
Techan MacGothraidh Northern Endewearde
Thyra Eiriksdottir Central Quintavia
Tomas an Bhogha O'Neill Deputy to Reg.Cmdr. Northern Glenn Linn
Tuathflaith ingen hui Chleirigh Southern Blak Rose
Tynan mor as Ar n'Eilean-ne Regional Commander Tir Mara - East Ruantallan
Tynan mor as Ar n'Eilean-ne Acting Regional Commander Tir Mara - West Ruantallan
Tysha z Kieva Southern Carillion
Unna Rose Southern Owlsherst
Urho of the Pines Southern Barren Sands
Vidor Arpadfin Northern Stonemarche
Wolfgang Holzhauer Northern Stonemarche
Ygraine of Kellswood Scorekeeper
& Lt. at Large
Central Carolingia (Aschehyrst)