This is the site for information about Target Archery in the East Kingdom of the SCA.

All are welcome to join the EK Archery discussion list , an EK Google Group administered by the EK archery staff.
To subscribe, send a blank email to archers+subscribe@archery.eastkingdom.org

Happy shooting!

24 March 2022: Archery Marshal Reports are Due by April 1

Just a friendly reminder to submit your reports! The link to the reporting form is on the Marshals page.

Archery dates which may be of interest...

Please note:
— If you use Google Calendars yourself, you should be able to copy these events to your own calendar. (Click on the event, then click on "copy to my calendar".)
— The PRINT option may be handy, for printing on paper or creating a PDF version.
— For Pennsic activities, location is the archery range unless otherwise noted.

25 July 2021: Resumption of EK Archery Practices

All EK Archery Practices may resume, without explicit individual COVID approvals, as long as they are run in accordance with EK Archery Policies and with all local health and safety procedures.