Pennsic XLVI (2017) Archery Results

Middle-East-Ealdormere vs Everyone Else!

Our traditional Midrealm enemies were our allies this year, along with Ealdormere, contending against AEthelmearc, Atlantia and their allies. Some referred to the sides as the M-E-E team versus the A-A-A team. The Mid-East side swept all 3 populace archery war points, and took 1 of the 3 archery champion points. The targets were all a Norse theme this year. This was also the first time most of the target images were printed on vinyl, rather than card/paper, and they seemed to hold up well to all the shooting and to the occasional rain.

Populace War Points
(3 war points, shot over 5 days, August 6 thru 11, 2017)
Archers could shoot each of the 3 shoots up to 5 times this war. Shooting days were Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
- Clout with Giant: Shots landing inside the square castle turret were worth 3 points; shots hitting the giant were worth 4 points; there was a "moat" at approximately 50 yards worth 1 point, with a moat monster in it worth 2 points; 6 shots, untimed.
The 3 populace shoots were run as follows:
- Castle Window: At approximately 30 yards and timed (30 seconds); archers scored 1 point for each shot in the black slot of the window, 2 points if the shot hit the white Thor's hammer within the slot.
- Soldiers: 6 shots, untimed; the targets were pairs of frost giants at approximately 15, 35, 45 and 55 yards, worth 1, 2, 3 and 4 points, respectively; archers could shoot at any target they wished with their 6 shots.

  Middle-East-Ealdormere   AEthelmearc-Atlantia-Allies
  Points Archers Average   Points Archers Average
Sunday 1184 174     707 89  
Monday 1255 145     866 153  
Tuesday 1427 257     1304 233  
Wednesday 1803 261     1027 201  
Friday 754 * 111     272 * 47  
Total 6423 948 6.77   4176 723 5.78
Castle Window
Sunday 232 167     291 140  
Monday 340 188     246 135  
Tuesday 518 284     535 286  
Wednesday 561 287     263 236  
Friday 185 * 104     111 * 66  
Total 1836 1030 1.78   1446 863 1.68
Sunday 1674 218     975 132  
Monday 1456 191     876 156  
Tuesday 2054 269     1704 228  
Wednesday 1856 289     1079 195  
Friday 656 * 90     555 * 85  
Total 7696 1057 7.28   5189 796 6.52

* Archers were not counted on Friday. To determine overall averages, the Friday count was estimated using the 4-day average points on each shoot.

Below are photos of the populace shoots.
picture of populace clout shoot
(Populace archery photos were taken by Baroness Ygraine of Kellswood. Click to enlarge.)

Archery Champions Team Competition
(3 war points, shot Thursday, August 10, 2017)

Each side was allowed to select 30 champions team members and 10 alternates, for a total of 40. The Middle-East-Ealdormere side was made up of 14 champions and 5 alternates each from the Middle and East, plus 2 champions from Ealdormere. The winner of each of the 3 shoots, based on total points, earned 1 war point.
- The Roving Range consisted of 10 stations, 6 of which were timed shoots. In keeping with the Norse theme, the targets included hitting strands of Sif's hair, rescuing Brynhilde from the flames, visiting the worlds linked by Yggdrasil, and claiming Idun's apples. Also presented were a Celtic knot, Banshees, Swans, Bulls, Mice and Dice. The mice were especially challenging, as they could barely be seen in the grass. In the Dice shoot, each archer had 3 foam dice to roll, and hits earned the points represented by the dots on the side hit; this resulted in disproportionately high total points compared to the other shoots, but this did not unduly affect the outcome of the war point as the totals for each side were very close.
- Friend/Foe: this traditional timed shoot at about 30 yards called for archers to hit the the serpent for +2 points without hitting Thor or his hammer for -1 point.
- Long Distance: all team members took 3 shots each from 4 different unknown distances estimated to be between 130 and 55 yards; the giant from the regular clout shoot, and four of the frost giants from the soldiers shoot, were lined-up on the front wall of the clout. Hits on the frost giants scored 2 points; hits on the giant earned 3 points; hits in the giant's kill zone were worth 4 points; hits on the target backings or in the drop-zone in front of the targets scored 1 point.

  Middle-East-Ealdormere   AEthelmearc-Atlantia-Allies
  Points Average   Points Average
Roving 2123 70.77   2303 76.77
Friend/Foe 153 5.10   167 5.57
Long Distance 432 14.40   365 12.17

Here is a picture of the Middle-East-Ealdormere team members and alternates.
picture of Middle-East-Ealdormere champs, Pennsic 46
Photo by Baroness Arlyana van Wyck. (Click to enlarge.)

The East Kingdom team members were:

The East Kingdom alternates were:

While the list of Midrealm team members is not known to this reporter, Dorigen of Lewes (Baron BBM) was included in their number, as he is a former resident of the Mid and holds their archery award of the Dragon's Barb.

As ever, if I have a name wrong, please let me know so I can correct it!