Pennsic XLIV (2015) Archery Results

Games of Thrones and Deathstars!

This year's War was a contest between the combined forces of the East and Midrealm and AEthelmearc and her allies. The "AE Team" took the archery champions team war point, but the Mid/East forces won all six populace archery war points.

Populace War Points
(6 war points, shot over 4 days, August 2 thru 6, 2015)
Archers could shoot each of the 3 shoots up to 4 times this war. Shooting days were Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 11am to 5pm.
The 3 populace shoots were run as follows:
- Flayed Man: At approximately 30 yards and timed (45 seconds); archers scored 1 point for each shot in the white "skin" of the Flayed Man, 2 points if the shot hit red of the image.
- Clout with Villains and Dragons: Shots landing inside the square castle turret were worth 3 points; shots hitting the villains in the turret -- Melisande, Circe Lannister and Joffrey Barathian -- were worth 4 points; there was a "moat" at approximately 50 yards worth 1 point, with two dragons in it worth 2 points; 6 shots, untimed.
- Advancing Enemies: 6 shots, untimed; targets were White Walkers at approximately 15, 25 and 45 yards, worth 1, 2 and 3 points, respectively, and Tyrion Lannister at 55 yards, worth 4 points; archers could shoot at any target they wished with their 6 shots.

  AEth.& Allies
Flayed Man   3895     3855
Clout   4048     3755
Advancing   6620     5537

Below are photos of scoring on the Advancing White Walkers and Tyrion range, shooting the Clout, and shooting and scoring on the Flayed Man range.
picture of populace advancing white walkers and tyrion shoot picture of populace white walkers and tyrion shoot picture of populace clout shoot picture of populace flayed man shoot picture of populace flayed man shoot
(Populace archery photos were taken by Baroness Ygraine of Kellswood. Click to enlarge.)

Archery Champions Team Tournement
(1 war point, shot Wednesday, August 5, 2015)

Before the tournement began, the Queens of the East and the Midrealm presented Their champions favors to each team member and alternate. Then, a brief East Kingdom Court was held, wherein Their Majesties Omega and Etheldreda recognized Lord Miles Boweman's achievement of Grand Master Bowman ranking. They also recognized Master Rupert the Unbalanced as the newest Ludicrous Bowman in the East.

The East and Mid were each allowed to select 15 champions team members and 5 alternates, for a total of 40. The winner of this war point was the side which won 2 of the 3 shoots, and the winner of each shoot was determined by total points. The theme this year was Star Wars.
- The Roving Range consisted of 10 stations, laid out on the main archery ranges, all featuring very challenging targets. Several targets had to be hit while they were moving; many involved shooting a number of small targets before hits would count on a final target; a friend/foe shoot was presented as clearing an asteroid field without hitting the Millenium Falcon.
- Friend/Foe: this traditional timed shoot at about 30 yards called for archers to hit the the evil warrior for +3 points without hitting the "friendly" Jedis for -1 point.
- Long Distance: all team members took 2 shots each from 6 different unknown distances estimated to be between 130 and 35 yards; hits on the Death Star scored 1 point; hits in the exhaust port scored 3 points; hits on the outlying tie fighters scored 5 points; there was no scoring drop-zone and no background scoring areas.

  East & Mid.
East & Mid.
AEth. & Allies
AEth. & Allies
Roving 1078 35.93 1185 39.50  
Friend/Foe 191 6.37 185 6.17
Long Distance 200 6.67 209 6.97

Here is a picture of most of the East Kingdom team members and alternates, with King Omega and Prince Brennan, and a picture of most of our Midrealm team-mates.
picture of Eastern champs picture of Midrealm champs

Below are photos of the Court business (new GMB Lord Miles Boweman and new Ludicrous Master Rupert the Unbalanced), scoring the long-distance Death Star shoot, and several of the roving range stations.
picture of new GMB Miles Boweman picture of new Ludicrous Bowman Rupert the Unbalanced picture of scoring on the Death Star

picture of one of the roving range stations picture of one of the roving range stations picture of one of the roving range stations picture of one of the roving range stations
(Most Champ photos were taken by Lord Robert the Doubtful using Ygraine's camera. Click to enlarge.)

The Eastern team members and alternates were:

As ever, if I have a name wrong, please let me know so I can correct it!