Pennsic XLIII (2014) Archery Results

Archers on Safari!

Populace War Points
(9 war points, shot over 5 days, August 3 thru 8, 2014)
Archers could shoot each of the 3 shoots up to 5 times this war. Shooting days were Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 11am to 5pm, plus Friday 9am to 1pm.
The 3 populace shoots were run as follows:
- Castle Window: At approximately 30 yards and timed (30 seconds); archers scored 1 point for each shot in the window slot, 2 points if the shot hit the monkey hanging inside the slot at the top.
- Clout with Moat Monster: Shots landing inside the square castle turret were worth 3 points; shots hitting the giraffe in the turret were worth 4 points; there was a "moat" at approximately 50 yards worth 1 point, with a "moat monster" alligator in it worth 2 points; 6 shots, untimed.
- Soldiers: 6 shots, untimed; targets were rhinoceroses and elephants at approximately 15, 35, 45 and 55 yards, worth 1, 2, 3 and 4 points, respectively; archers could shoot at any target they wished with their 6 shots.

The East won two of the three shoots, for 6 of the 9 available war points.

  East Points   Midrealm Points
Castle Window   2119     1670
Clout   4806     4880
Soldiers   7062     5775
picture of archers shooting the Castle Window picture of a seriously dead Monkey target picture of the Clout range picture of the Soldiers range
Castle Window Dead Monkey! Clout Soldiers

(Photos by Baroness Ygraine of Kellswood. Click to enlarge.)

Archery Champions Team Tournement
(1 war point, shot Wednesday, August 6, 2014)
This year there were two teams of 30 plus 10 alternates. The winner of this war point was the side which won 2 of the 3 shoots, and the winner of each shoot was determined by total points.
The Eastern Royalty shot alongside Their Champions (for fun) throughout most of the day.
- The Roving Range consisted of 10 stations, laid out on the main archery ranges, all featuring African animals.
- Friend/Foe: this traditional timed shoot at about 30 yards called for archers to hit the snake for +1 point without hitting the "friendly" for -1 point.
- Long Distance: all team members took 3 shots each from 4 different unknown distances estimated to be between 125 and 50 yards; hits on any of the animal targets were worth 2 points; shots landing in the very limited drop zone earned 1 point; shots hitting the background on the animal targets scored nothing.

The Eastern team won two of the three shoots, and the third shoot resulted in a TIE!

  East & Allies
East & Allies
Mid. & Allies
Mid. & Allies
Roving 2358 78.6 2288 76.3  
Friend/Foe 70 2.33 60 2.00
Long Distance 169 5.63 169 5.63

Here is a picture of the East Kingdom and allies team, with King Brennan, Queen Caoilfhionn, Prince Edward and Princess Thyra.
(Photo Lady Tysha z Kieva. Click to view a slightly larger version.) picture of Eastern team

The East and allies team members were:

As ever, if I have a name wrong, please let me know so I can correct it!