Pennsic XXI (1992) Archery

An account, by Lady Ygraine of Kellswood.

The East and her allies took all three archery war points at Pennsic, but the archers shooting for the Mid put up a superb and exciting fight. For the first time in recent memory, our archers did not significantly outscore theirs (on average) and they did not outnumber us!

The first of the three archery war points was the Archery Champions Tournement. The first portion of the competition was an increasing distance elimination shoot; Li Kung Lo, Frydherik Eisenkopf and David McDougalls were the 3 Eastern archers to survive to the last distance, estimated to be 95 yards. This shoot was won by Midrealm crossbowman Fitzbear who struck the 24" target with two bolts after our three archers failed.

The East prevailed 78 points to 36 in the second part of the tourney, a 30-second "friend/foe" shoot. The tie-breaking third portion was a timed advancing viking shoot, with extra points for hitting the "kill" zone on each target. Archers were pitted against a member of the other team; only the archers who outscored or tied their opponents continued to the next attempt. After three attempts, 18 Eastern archers remained against 1 Midrealm champion, Brandon Dubhchad.

With spectators from both sides cheering him on, Brandon took on and defeated seven of our champions, including Captain General Bleiddian ap Cynin and Queen's Champion David McDougalls, before he was felled by King's Champion William of Barnsdale.

The other two archery war points were, as in past years, the 100-yard Clout or castle shoot and the timed Advancing Viking shoot. These shoots were held over the course of three days and were based on sheer numbers of scoring arrows by each side and its allies. The results were:

Populace Archery War Points

  East Points East Archers East Average Midrealm Points Midrealm Archers Midrealm Average
Clout   1035  644  1.607   818  516  1.585
Advancing   680  620  1.097   557  524  1.063