Queen's and King's Archery Championship June 16, 2018

The finalists, retiring champs and Royals. The finalists, retiring champs and Royals.

The archery champions tournement this year was held in Iron Bog at their Baronial Investiture. It was a beautiful, sunny day as 35 to 40 archers took the field. Their Majesties, Brennan and Caoilfhionn, presented medals to the adult winners of the 2017 IKAC; earlier this year, medals were presented locally to the East's young winners, who are all from Stonemarche. Lord Pavel — who bears a stunning resemblance to Lord Kusunoki Yoshimoto — announced that all the day's shoots would have a Russian theme, with subjects drawn from fairy tales, traditions and even cartoons of that culture. He also cautioned archers that the Russians are the "good guys", so Boris and Natasha should NOT be shot, instead archers would score better by hitting a moose or squirrel.

The competition began in the early afternoon with 2 longer-distance shoots by all the participants — first, at a rank of charging mongols, and second, at a retreating moose (positive points) holding a revered icon (negative points).

Adult IKAC medallions are presented; charging mongols; retreating moose; nightingale.
adult IKAC medallions are presented   mongols   moose   nightingale

Archers formed small groups and proceeded through a 10 station roving range. The shoots were: Snegurochka and Father Frost's freezing staff; Axe Soup; Baba Yaga; Rocket J. Squirrel (flying, of course); Spinning Axe; Nesting Dolls; Killing Koshtchev the Immortal; Salt and Bread; Nightingale the Robber; Rocky, Bullwinkle, Boris and Natasha friend/foe.

Friend/foe; Rocky; nesting dolls; the freezing staff.
friend/foe   rocky   nesting dolls   freezing staff

26 archers turned in their scores, and a ranked list was prepared. After a short break, archers and spectators gathered near the finals range, which was set up adjacent to the main hall of the event. Each archer in turn was asked if they would continue into the finals and accept the responsibilities of serving as a Champion, should they win or be selected.

The following top scorers declined to participate in the finals:

As 4 of these 6 top scorers were from Atlantia, there was appreciation and relief expressed that they will be our allies at Pennsic!

Tysha vs Colin; Elizabeth vs Shi Tian; Ryan and Godric consider rock-paper-scissors; Semi-final Rupert vs Godric; Semi-final Shi Tian vs Colin; Final pairing, Rupert vs Colin.
Tysha vs Colin   Elizabeth vs Shi Tian   Ryan vs Godric rock-paper-scissors   Rupert vs Godric   Shi Tian vs Colin   Rupert vs Colin

The final 16 competitors were seeded into head-to-head pairings, with the winners advancing to the next bracket. Finalists had to knock down 5 Tetris pieces, then shoot a final center target to end the pairing. The shooting line was moved to change the distance between rounds. Several pairings were excitingly close, but the winner of the day and the title of Queen's Archery Champion was Baron Colin Ursell!

A short time after the finals ended, Court was held. The first item of archery business was the hand-off of the job of Captain General from Master Godric to Baron Colin. Next, Lord Yoshi -- err -- Pavel retired and Baron Colin was invested as Queen's Archery Champion. Then, Lady Siobhan inghean Cormaic was thanked for her service, and His Majesty proclaimed that his choice for his King's Archery Champion was Lord Ruan Shi Tian!

Top 16 Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Finals  
Rupert the Unbalanced (154)        
Lada Monguligin (65) Rupert      
Dorian of Lewes (94)   Rupert    
Conor O'Ceallaigh (101) Dorian      
Godric of Hamtun (132)     Rupert 2nd
Eoin an Doire (79) Godric      
Rolland (80)   Godric    
Ryan McWhyte (123) Ryan      
Colin Ursell (144)        
Tysha z Kieva (72) Colin      
Sojourner (92)   Colin    
Edmund Harper (114) Edmund      
Mungu Chinua (134)     Colin Winner
Mikjall Bogmadr (76) Chinua      
Elizabeth Hawkwood (82)   Shi Tian    
Ruan Shi Tian (118) Shi Tian      

Colin is made Captain General; Yoshi retires; Colin is new Queen's Champion; Siobhan retires; Shi Tian is new King's Champion.
Colin is made Captain General   Yoshi retires   Colin is new Queen's Champion   Colin is new Queen's Champion   Shi Tian is new King's Champion

All photos by Baroness Ygraine of Kellswood.
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