Queen's and King's Archery Championship June 1, 2013

In Carillion, on June 1, 2013, the outgoing Royal Archery Champions of the East ran a devious (some would say "despicable") tournament to determine their successors. The Queen's Champion, Master Philip Reed the Facetious, created 11 novelty shoots, providing a full day of challenging and fun archery for all the competitors. The King's Champion, Lord Nathaniel Wyatt, designed the head-to-head elimination shoot for the 16 finalists, which involved shooting "minions" which were attacking Queen Kienna; harming the queen in the process led to instant elimination.

At the end of the long day, the tournament winner and new Queen's Archery Champion was Baron Krakken Gnashbone. He prevailed over Lord Orvar, who was declared the new King's Champion. Both Champions are from the Barony Beyond the Mountain. Krakken shot crossbow most of the day, and Orvar shot only handbow.

Scores from approximately 70 participants were tallied and sorted, then each of the top archers was asked if they would like to continue to the final rounds and would agree to accept the responsibilities of being a Champion if they should be so honored. Five archers chose to step out of the competition: Lord Jake Felinfoel (2nd by score), Master Li Kung Lo (6th), Lord Kusunoki Yoshimoto (tied for 6th), Lord Miles de Locwode (15th, from Atlantia) and Baroness Tamar Walshman (19th). Thus were 16 finalists selected, seeded and paired for their one-on-one bouts. It is worth noting that there were 9 finalists shooting crossbow and 7 shooting handbow.

Top 16 Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Finals  
Krakken Gnashbone Krakken Krakken Krakken Winner
Tamsin Whitlocke Radagast Rupert Orvar 2nd
Mark Squirrelsbane Mark Mark    
Mongo Chinua Jehannine Orvar    
Godric of Hamtun Rupert      
Magnus fra Holstein Colin      
Rupert the Unbalanced Godric      
Ygraine of Kellswood Orvar      
Colin Ursell        
Paul Spearman        
Kieran Bren of Bannockburn        
Jehannine de Flandres        
Thorlaeifr Hvitskegg        

In Royal Court, the retiring Archery Champions were thanked for their service, and the regalia of their offices was presented to their successors. Each new Champion also received a beautiful scroll created by Lord Aleksei Dmitriev to commemorate the occasion.

Lord Orvar   Baron Krakken   Orvar   Krakken

Left to right:
Lord Orvar slays wily minions and destroy a moon.
Baron Krakken defends Queen Kiena.
Orvar receives the King's Champion regalia.
Krakken pledges his fealty to the Queen Kiena and King Gregor.
Photos by Baroness Ygraine of Kellswood.
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