Warranted Archery Marshalls

190 as of Sept. 28, 2019

This is the Scorekeeper's list of all warranted Archery Marshalls, authorized to run archery at events and practices, and to submit royal round scores. If you note any errors in this list, please bring them to the attention of the applicable Regional Commander and the Captain General of Archers.

Reminder: To retain their warrants, Archery Marshals must report semi-annually (by April 1 and October 1).
Here is a link to the online reporting form: Online Archery Marshal Reporting

Warranted marshalls must join the East Kingdom Target Archery Marshals discussion list .
To subscribe, send a blank email to marshals+subscribe@archery.eastkingdom.org

21 July 2020: Resumption of EK Archery Practices

Guidelines document is now up on our HOME page!

Practices Approved to Resume

Group Marshal(s) in Charge Location Date Approved
Blak Rose Tuathflaith Harrisburg, PA Aug. 8, 2020
Carolingia Peter the Red Carlisle, MA July 26, 2020
Carolingia Ygraine and Li Natick, MA July 25, 2020
Concordia of the Snows John fitz Thomas Berne, NY Aug. 28, 2020
Dragonship Haven Casimir Sarkastyczny Oxford, CT Aug. 8, 2020

SCA Name Officer Region SCA Group
Aaron the Arrowsmith Regional Commander Southern Carillion
Admiranda Howard Northern Endewearde
Adrienne d'Evreus Lt. at Large Northern Malagentia
Alan of Wytleseie Northern Endewearde
Alana O'Keeve Lt. at Large Southern Blak Rose
Alberic Maqi Droata Central Bergental
Alec Craig Central Towers (Carolingia)
Aleksei Dmitriev Central Quintavia
Alexandre Saint Pierre Lt. at Large Northern Malagentia
Alexis of Wood's End Southern Barren Sands
Aloysius Sartore Northern Ravensbridge (Malagentia)
Andy the Bearded Southern Carillion
Angharad verch Moriddig Tir Mara - West l'Ile du Dragon Dormant
Angus MacKintosh Tir Mara - East Seashire (Ruantallan)
Ariana of the North Northern Northern Outpost
Arlyana van Wyck Central Towers (Carolingia)
Arnbjorg Helga Nilsdottir Southern Lion's End (Ostgardr)
Arpadfin Vidor Northern Stonemarche
Arthur de Beaumont Lt. at Large Tir Mara - West Havre des Glaces
Aurddeilen ap Robet Southern Buckland Cross
Avelina Keyes Lt. at Large Central Bridge
Avelina Perceval Central Carolingia
Bahee na hInnse Southern Settmour Swamp
Barnabas O'Pheylan Tir Mara - East Avonmore
Beatrice Buontalenti da Firenze Northern Malagentia
Bradewen Tir Mara - West l'Ile du Dragon Dormant
Briana Douglase Tir Mara - East Seashire (Ruantallan)
Brynjolf Josson Northern Glenn Linn
Camma an Daraich Central BBM
Camran MacAuley Northern Stonemarche
Casimir Sarkastyczny Central Dragonship Haven
Cathain Reiter Central Carolingia
Charis Accipiter Southern Settmour Swamp
Christophe Lejeune Central Bergental
Ciaran Mac Greth Southern House Grog (Carillion)
Ciaran Ua Meic Thire Southern Settmour Swamp
Ciarnait ni'Bhroin Northern Lochleven (Stonemarche)
Clarice della Luna Central Quintavia
Clovis ap Llewellyn Cathmor Southern Owlsherst
Coenric of Scarborough Marsh Northern Stonemarche
Colin Ursell Captain General Central Carolingia
Collin Monro of Tadcaster   Southern Iron Bog
Conall an Doire Northern Malagentia
Conor O'Ceallaigh   Southern Ostgardr
Constancia de Vianne Northern Endewearde
Corbie Mackenzie Northern Glenn Linn
Cuan MacFintain Tir Mara - West l'Ile du Dragon Dormant
Cuylar Strongarm Tir Mara - East Avonmore
Cynon mac an Choile Southern Bhakail
Cynric the Dabbler Northern Stonemarche
Daffydd of Ile du Dragon Dormant Tir Mara - West l'Ile du Dragon Dormant
Dana the Unredy Northern Stonemarche
Daryl of Avalon Lt. at Large Central Fennbrycg (BBM)
David Poirier de le Loup Northern Mountain Freehold
Deormund Wulfscyld Northern Malagentia
Dietrich von Karo of Eastwood Southern House Eastwood (Northpass)
Dorigen of Lewes Central Beyond the Mountain
Eadwynn aet Hraefenhyrste Lt. at Large Tir Mara - East Distant Shore (Ruantallan)
Edmund Harper Southern Carillion
Eireannach O'Hanley Southern Montevale
Ekaterina Scherbatskaja Northern Panther Vale
Eleanor Grey Northern Mountain Freehold
Eleanora Stewart Central Carolingia
Elian of the Fellswood Central Towers (Carolingia)
Elizabeth Hawkwood Southern Carillion
Ellen Hughes Southern Bermudez
Emma Makilmone Central Bergental
Eoin an Doire Regional Commander Northern Endewearde
Eoin Dubh Southern Iron Bog
Eol ua Tadhg Northern Panther Vale
Erik of Vastergotland Northern Malagentia
Ethan MacPharlain Northern Coldwood
Eva Woderose Central Carolingia
Failbe Mac Neill Northern Ravensbridge (Malagentia)
Finan mac Bressail Northern Endewearde
Florian of the Glen Central Carolingia
Friderich Grimme Southern Ostgardr
Genevieve of Stonemarche Northern Stonemarche
Genevieve Velleman Southern An Dubhaigeainn
Gerhard Stormeclocke Southern Silver Rylle
Godric fitz Edmond Central Smoking Rocks
Godric of Hamtun Lt. at Large Northern Endewearde
Goerijs Goriszoon Southern Eisental
Gryffyn Dunham Central Bergental
Halldis Ulfsdottir Northern Endewearde
Harold von Auerbach Northern Stonemarche
Harvey Wynegode Central Anglespur
Hedewigis Ockenfuss Southern Caer Adamant
Helen Attebroke Northern Stonemarche
Hrafn Isaugu Northern Endewearde
Hrotger of Aujum Northern Glenn Linn
Iain of Malagentia Northern Haus Wanderstamm (Malagentia)
Isabella Altoviti Northern Endewearde
Isenbart Ironsparks Northern Glenn Linn
Isidora de la Tor Lt. at Large Central Bergental
Iulianiia Trieskova Central Smoking Rocks
Ivan Sergeevich Northern Panther Vale
Jean Xavier Boullier Southern An Dubhaigeainn
Jehannine de Flandres Lt. at Large Southern House Grog (Settmour Swamp)
John Carpenter Northern Ravensbridge (Malagentia)
John fitzThomas Central Concordia of the Snows
John Marshall atte Forde   Southern Hartshorn-dale
John of Smithwick Northern Smithwick
Julien Ceanneidigh Tir Mara - West l'Ile du Dragon Dormant
Kamejima Saburou Takauji Southern Barren Sands
Katherine Murray Tir Mara - East Seashire (Ruantallan)
Kayleigh McWhyte Central House Grog (BBM)
Kieran Bren of Bannockburn Central Dragon's Aerie (BBM)
Kirsa Oyutai Regional Commander Tir Mara - West l'Ile du Dragon Dormant
Kobayashi Yutaka Central Carolingia
Krakken Gnashbone Lt. at Large Central Weresheep (BBM)
Kusunoki Yoshimoto Deputy Captain General Central Sea Tyger's Rhyn (DsH)
Kynar ap Llantwit Northern Stonemarche
Li Kung Lo Lt. at Large Central Aschehyrst (Carolingia)
Lisabetta vedova di Alessandro Northern Glenn Linn
Litt Skegg Tir Mara - West l'Ile du Dragon Dormant
Logan Sinclare DeLondres Southern An Dubhaigeainn
Lorenzo Il Confuso Southern Montevale
Lorita deSienna Central Anglespur
Lucien de Wyntere Northern Giggleswick (Malagentia)
Ludwig Von Eisburg Tir Mara - West Havre des Glaces
Madok Arwe Northern Stonemarche
Magnus Surtsson Northern Ravensbridge (Malagentia)
Malcolm Bowman Southern Settmour Swamp
Mari Clock van Hoorne Southern Caer Adamant
Mark Squirrelsbane Lt. at Large Central Bergental
Matthias von Stauffenbach Southern 3 Skulls (An Dubhaigeainn)
Martin Nutcrusher Regional Commander Tir Mara - East Avonmore
Matheus Carnifex Southern Eisental
Maxton Gunn Northern Haus Wanderstamm (Malagentia)
Meruit Kieransdottir Lt. at Large Central Dragon's Aerie (BBM)
Michael of York Central Carolingia
Mikjall Bogmadr Central Quintavia
Miles Boweman Southern Settmour Swamp
Miranda of Ruantallan Tir Mara - East Seashire (Ruantallan)
Mungu Chinua Southern Silver Horde (Ostgardr)
Naomi bat Avraham Southern Hartshorn-dale
Nathaniel Wyatt Central Beyond the Mountain
Nergis bint Mustafa Central Dragonship Haven
Nest verch Tangwistel Regional Commander Central Smoking Rocks
Nicholas of Colechurch Central Rogues of Sherwood (Concordia)
Niniae of Witches Oak Tir Mara - East Ruantallan
Njall Randvesson Northern Endewearde
Omelan Central Dragonship Haven
Osmond de Berwic Northern Stonemarche
Otto Gottlieb Northern Endewearde
Padraig O'Gealagain Southern Caer Adamant
Pagan Graeme Central Bergental
Perley of Malagentia Northern Malagentia
Peter the Red Central Towers (Carolingia)
Phillip the Facetious Southern House Grog (Settmour Swamp)
Poplyr Childs Northern Endewearde
Ragnar MacHardy Northern Stonemarche
Remy le Bastard Tir Mara - East Avonmore
Robert the Doubtful Southern House Grog (Carillion)
Robert the Tall Southern Owlsherst
Ronan Fitz Robert Southern An Dubhaigeainn
Rupert the Unbalanced Lt. at Large Southern House Grog (Carillion)
Ryan McWhyte Central House Grog (BBM)
Samuel le Medier Southern Silver Rylle
Sarra Graeham of Birnham Lt. at Large Tir Mara - East Seashire (Ruantallan)
Seamus na Coille Aosda Northern Endewearde
Shannon inghaen Bhriain Central Concordia of the Snows
Siobhan inghean Chormaic Central Beyond the Mountain
Sojourner Central Quintavia
Suuder Saran Southern Silver Horde (Brokenbridge)
Sven Kaldvind Tir Mara - West Havre des Glaces
Syele von Heidelberg Northern Stonemarche
Tamar Walshman Lt. at Large Central Dragon's Aerie (BBM)
Tamsin Whitlocke Lt. at Large Central Bergental
Tanaka Raiko Southern Rusted Woodlands
Techan MacGothraidh Northern Endewearde
Teresa Giani Central Quintavia
Thorlaeifr hvitskegg Lt. at Large Southern Settmour Swamp
Thyra Eiriksdottir Central Quintavia
Tiberius Sergius Valens Tir Mara - West l'Ile du Dragon Dormant
Tim the Humble Southern Carillion
Tobyn Kembold Central Dragon's Heorth (Bridge)
Tomaloc Deputy to Southern Cmdr. Southern Caer Adamant
Tomas an Bhogha O'Neill Deputy to Northern Cmdr. Northern Glenn Linn
Tuathflaith ingen hui Chleirigh Southern Blak Rose
Tynan Mor as Ar n'Eilian-ne Lt. at Large Tir Mara - East Ar n'Eilian-ne
Tysha z Kieva Southern Carillion
Ulfeidr Artudottir Northern Ravensbridge (Malagentia)
Ulrich von Spandau Tir Mara - East Ruantallan
Unna Rose Southern Owlsherst
Urho of the Pines Southern Dragon's Heorth (Barren Sands)
Wynfrith aet Huntandune Lt. at Large Tir Mara - East Distant Shore (Ruantallan)
Yehuda ben Moshe Southern Lion's End (Ostgardr)
Ygraine of Kellswood Scorekeeper
& Lt. at Large
Central Aschehyrst (Carolingia)